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Photographs courtesy of Bob Metzger

Three Day Eventing
The Equestrian Channel is dedicated to supporting and promoting FEI level riders attain their goals.  Here are a few equestrians who have excelled in their endeavor to make it to the top...
Here are the members of the US Eventing Team  Performing at the 2012 London Olympics this year


Equestrian athletes in the United States who compete
at the international level are talented, hard working,
passionate and dedicated.  Where this is true of
all athletes at that level, there is another
dimension to this team....
the incredible horses that awe us with
the spectacle of their beauty and athleticism. 
We have the privilege to witness the bond
between human and equine that strikes
a chord deep in us all.  Whether it is watching
the grace and elegance of dressage,
the precision of show jumping or
the sheer stamina and raw courage of
cross country; we are humbled by
the effort the horse makes for his rider.
The Equestrian Channel takes this opportunity
to applaud all equestrians; from Young Riders
through Olympians.  The training and
commitment taken to achieve FEI status
is a formidable task, pursued with boundless passion.  
We wish you all the best!