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Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Gina Rodriguez avidly pursued international competition and came across limitations that culture and finances presented.

Now a U.S. citizen, Gina has seen the opportunities that are present to encourage greater cultural diversity in the sport of eventing. Equestrian sports and competition offer benefits that should be available to all communities and that are especially valuable to young riders, where the sport teaches responsibility and commitment to animal care that are valuable life lessons.

While The Equestrian Channel promotes the finest competitive accomplishment of U.S. riders in domestic and international competition, we also recognize that our sport should attract and involve other persons whose interest may be strong but whose abilities to participate may be limited by resources. We believe that equestrian sports should be accessible to all who possess the passion, the discipline and the skill. As our Fund seeks to promote those at the best of the sport, at the same time a portion of what we raise will also be dedicated to "ourtreach" programs that will encourage diversity in participation and accomplishment. Future FEI level riders, we hope, may reflect our commitment to represent the whole spectrum of communities in the United States.

The challenge then becomes finding the corporate sponsors for FEI level riders as well others who need aid to enjoy and benefit from it. As Events become televised nationally here in the US, and the sport gains prominence and recognition, we believe the breadth its attraction will grow. The possibilities become infinite.



The Equestrian Channel believes that the most accomplished riders are in the best position to attract corporate sponsorship and individual donations. These are riders who compete at the international (or FEI ) level both in the United States, and abroad, and who aspire to win Olympic Gold. At the same time, we also expect that the future of our sport warrants a commitment from those at the "top" to support along those who are aspiring as well as others from diverse communities who could not participate at all without assistance of well-meaning sponsors and contributors.

Our plan is to seek corporate sponsorships to support elite riders from the U.S.A. who will represent the best of our country and our sport here and abroad in international competition. At the same time, we intend to ask every sponsor to dedicate a portion of their financial commitment to the support of "up and coming" riders of great promise and to programs that will open the excitement and fulfillment of eventing to communities who could not participate without financial support.

Each international-class rider we agree to support will be asked to agree that a portion of funds raised on their behalf will be dedicated to aspiring riders and to diversity programs, and similarly, each sponsor will be asked to commit a portion of their contribution to the program.